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Exhibitors List

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List of Seminars and Events

Over 30 specialized seminars held.

Why you have to visit Wellness Tokyo?

You can compare and examine actual product for 250 companies from all over the world

The latest trends in the wellness industry with growing needs around the world are condensed in 3 days

More than 30 specialized seminars on the expanding market for protein and health-based oils will be held


250 companies exhibit from around the world with latest products and services


Dietary supplements for improving physical constitution・Beauty and health food products

Sustainable and natural food products

Products for improving sleep and reducing stress

Stretching and muscle-relaxation products

Muscle-building and protein-rich food products

Health-focused oils and oil-based products

Products and services for preventing frailty

Wellness technology products and services

Hygiene-related products

Allergy prevention products

Femtech products

Health food ingredients and raw materials


5 Specialized Areas covering whole segments


  • Dairy products, dairy ingredients
  • Meat, processed meat, eggs
  • Plant-based milk and meat
  • Insect powder, protein-based ingredients
  • Various types of protein, protein ingredients
  • Food ingredients, functional ingredients, flavor ingredients
  • Separation machines, sterilization equipment, drying machines, extraction machines
  • Cultured meat research and manufacturing equipment, aging machines
  • Packaging and capsule-filling machines
  • Testing equipment, testing services, performance testing, etc.
PROTEIN JAPAN 2023 image01 PROTEIN JAPAN 2023 image02


  • Olive oil
  • Rice bran oil, perilla oil, sesame oil
  • Various types of health-related oils
  • CBD oils and supplements
  • Coconut oil, MCT-based supplements
  • Fish oil, DHA/EPA-based oils and supplements
  • Skincare and haircare oil products
  • Pressing machines, extraction machines, refining machines, filtration machines
  • Labeling, bottling equipment
  • Packaging and capsule filling machines, etc.
OIL JAPAN 2023 image01 OIL JAPAN 2023 image02

Wellness food Japan 2023 Autumn

Wellness Food Area

  • Health food and beverages
  • Supplements
  • Fermented ingredients, fermented food, beverages
  • Health food ingredients
  • Food ingredients, natural ingredients
  • Food CRO (Contract Research Organization), testing, analysis services
  • Vegan and vegetarian food
  • Organic food, natural food
  • Additive-free food
  • Alternative food, insect-based food, etc.
Wellness food Japan 2023 Autumn image01 Wellness food Japan 2023 Autumn image02

Conditioning EXPO

Conditioning Area

  • Stretching equipment, products
  • Relaxation equipment, products
  • Sleep improvement products, bedding
  • Fatigue recovery equipment, massage products
  • Balance improvement, core training equipment
  • Mindfulness products, programs
  • Healing music, lighting, aromatherapy
  • Recovery wear, accessories
  • Thermal bathing facilities, bath supplies, sauna supplies
  • Body function improvement programs, therapies
Conditioning EXPO image01 Conditioning EXPO image02

Disinfection and Antimicrobial EXPO

Disinfection and Antimicrobial Area

  • UV, ozone, and air purification devices
  • Air purifiers, air conditioning equipment
  • Antimicrobial coatings, services
  • Disinfectants, sanitizing wipes
  • Food poisoning test kits
  • Masks, gloves, gowns, caps
  • Air showers, blowers, shutters
  • Thermography, temperature screening devices
  • Allergy test kits
  • Allergy symptom relief products, etc.
Disinfection and Antimicrobial EXPO image01 Disinfection and Antimicrobial EXPO image02


More than 30 conference sessions are concurrently held

More than 30 conference session will be held during the exhibition. You can learn about the latest trends and case studies from key persons in the industry and apply them to solving your company’s problems.


Talk event with official ambassadors to be held

Tuesday, November 28, 10:30 – 11:15

Ritsuko Tanaka(Actresses)
× Nikomao(Chef / Yoga Instructor)

Event details coming soon!

Ritsuko Tanaka Nikomao

Tuesday, November 28, 14:00 – 14:45

Tomo Okabe(fitness trainer)
× Yuri Yasui(Bikini Fitness Competitor)

Event details coming soon!

Tomo Okabe Yuri Yasui


Special area for health drinks, oil products, medicinal herbs and Chinese medicine

Healthy Drink Bar

  • Health and enzyme drinks
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Lactobacillus drinks, etc.
Healthy Drink Bar image01 Healthy Drink Bar image02

Medicinal and Herbal Food Pavilion

  • Herbal Ingredients, materials
  • Herbal and fermented foods
  • Nutrient tonic foods, etc.
Medicinal and Herbal Food Pavilion image01 Medicinal and Herbal Food Pavilion image02

International Olive Oil Pavilion

  • Overseas Olive Oil
  • Olive-based health foods
  • Skin care, hair care products
International Olive Oil Pavilion image01 International Olive Oil Pavilion image02


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